Manny’s Heart

Book Cover: Manny's Heart
Part of the Family of Misfits series:

Manny's life has improved in so many ways since moving to Romania, but he's unhappy that the last essential piece-finding his spirit mate-hasn't happened yet. He's more than ready, willing, and able to make that dream come true. If only the match for his birthmark would finally show up, because he's determined to be the best damned spirit mate anyone ever had.

Mika's always been relieved to not have a birthmark like his twin. He's never going to end up stuck with some fate-ordained mate he doesn't even know. The rock & roll bachelor life, with friends and hook-ups he chooses for himself, suits him perfectly.

But Mika's never had a friend quite like Manny, and he's never been as angry about the whole fated mate nonsense as he is when it becomes Manny's only goal. All Mika can do, though, is offer Manny his his friend.

Reviews:Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

It's exciting to finally be getting to this third installment in the author’s 'Family of Misfits' series. Manny is a mountain lion who was thrown out of his pack as a teenager for being gay and Ali took him in, i.e. mothered him. Mika is Kalo's twin brother, a rock star, and a very unusual shifter vampire combination (a volf). Manny and his family of misfits have now gone to half the year living in Romania as Kalo is the king of the Roma's, and the other half in Canada. I couldn't wait to see how this was going to turn out.

There is nothing that Manny wants more than to find his mate. After his own family beat him severely and threw him away, he found Ali and a family with their misfits, but a huge part of him wants, no needs, that one person who is going to love him unconditionally. In Manny's mind, deep down where he doesn't like to go, he worries his family was right and there'll never be a mate for someone like him. There are a few requirements for being a spirit mate within the Roma. One, you must be related to Kalo, Mika, Nicu, and their grandmother, Anca, and two, you have to share the same birthmark. Manny meets his spirit mate, Georgi, but the man knows nothing of the Roma's or of spirit mates. Turns out he's distantly related but through a portion of the family that was disowned because they weren't nice people. Georgi turned my stomach right from the start (Mika's too) and it wasn't too difficult to see what his endgame was.

"It was so ironic that the majority of the family Mika lived with believed him to be a heartless moron who just wanted to cause trouble for Manny. Because if any of them could actually see the turmoil inside him, they’d find a shattered spirit and an equally torn apart heart. He didn’t want to love Manny, he just did."

Mika never imagined that Manny would come to mean so much to him. But Manny is so easy to love with his generous heart, his boundless loyalty, his forgiving nature, and his sweet shyness. Mika knows he can do nothing when Manny goes with Georgi. Manny is fated and in Roma legend only one twin will be a spirit mate, while the other is cursed to love only once in their lifetime. Kalo got the birthmark and found his spirit mate but Mika can only watch, along with the rest of the family, as Manny keeps trying to find a bond with Georgi, feeling certain it must be his fault that nothing is happening. Georgi's true nature is being revealed once Manny is living with him and it broke my heart that Manny couldn't, or wouldn't, see that everything wasn't his fault or something he'd failed at. Unfortunately, when Manny realizes that he doesn't want to mate with Georgi, his rejection isn't received very well and Mika practically goes insane trying to get to him to help.

“How come you never told him?”
Mika managed a disengaged snort before he shook his head. “I had no right to tell him. I’m not marked or meant for spirit mate bliss. You know that’s what he’s always wanted. It’s what he’s always needed. I didn’t even figure it out until that bastard came into his life.”

I would honestly love to be able to say that after Manny came back home he and Mika figured their mess out and that everything was wonderful. Sorry, no can do. Ali is still mama bear to her cubs, especially Manny, so with the whole family trying to let Manny come around on his own, Ali refusing to allow Mika to tell Manny how he feels, and a whole slew of misunderstandings and miscommunication, Manny and Mika's road to happiness was torturous and full of potholes. I was very happy to see them finally get together and be happy.

An insanely memorable love story. If you've followed this series then you won't want to miss out on Manny's tale. Be prepared, though, this is quite a long novel and while I was certainly never bored, there were times I wished the author had moved it along a little quicker, although I think I'm just picky. A really wonderful addition to the series. Thank you K-lee!

W.S. Long on GoodReads wrote:

This is a wonderful story of Manny trying to find where he is in life and more importantly with Mika. The tale weaves paranormal and romance elements showcasing characters introduced in other books. The author has tenderly described the longing of Manny in the pages so when the anticipated denouement happens, you're eager and excited for the characters!

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