Lucius’ Bite

Book Cover: Lucius' Bite
Part of the Family of Misfits series:

One bite has never been a life changing decision but it is now --- to bite or not to bite that is the question.

All Lucius needs is his family. They might be a mismatched and unconventional group but they're the only "real" family he knows and wants. What Lucius doesn't need is the strange, beautiful man who arrives as a last minute dinner guest and knocks him and his wolf on his ass, literally.

Just being in the same room with the mysterious Nicu proves disastrous. Lucius knows without a doubt he doesn't need the havoc Nicu threatens to bring to his predictable, but comfortable existence. But when he stands to lose the man who is tearing his life apart, Lucius realizes he doesn't know what he needs at all.

Reviews:Elisa Rolle on Amazon wrote:

I have to admit that I prefer my paranormal romances to be on the light side, and I was very pleased to discover this new author and her young and cute characters. Lucius is part of a family of misfits, i.e. Ali, alias "Mama Bear", a white witch who manages an households of shifter rejects, Lucius, an artic wolf, Manny, a mountain lion, and Kristof, a bear. Lucius doesn't care much for humans and so he is pretty upset when Ali announces he has invited three of them for the Yule dinner, and one of the three is supposed to be Lucius's blind date. Nicu is a Romanian gypsy, young and innocent and with a purpose in mind, to find his spirit mate; Nicu knows Lucius is the one, but he wants for the other man to make his own decision, not to be forced into a mating.

What I liked of this novel is that the two guys are young and yes, also scared by these new feelings that somehow they are not able to understand. Nicu is probably the one who is stronger in his beliefs, even if he is not as physically strong as Lucius. Lucius is stubborn and scared of letting his heart open, but he is not a bad guy; I had the feeling he had a lot of growing to do considering an emotional evolution, but with a little push on the right direction, I was sure he was able to reach it.

The novel is the first in a series, Family of Misfits, and while I really liked Ali's characters, and it will be interesting to read his story, what I'm really looking forward is Manny's ones. From what I understood, Manny has some mental issues, he is naïve like a child, but he is fully grown for everything else; that story will be a delicate one to write, but if done in the right way, it will be so good.

Another interesting point is the modern society where this family is living, a Canadian small town where humans and paranormal creatures are living together, mostly in harmony.

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