Ali’s Intuition

Book Cover: Ali's Intuition
Part of the Family of Misfits series:

If the rough and tumble man at Ali's door is supposed to be his fate-ordained mate, then he has to wonder what in the Goddess' name Fate was thinking.

Ali has always dreamed of his spirit mate, someone classy, intelligent and romantic, but the man who faints in his doorway is anything but. Kalo is loud and pushy, with hair more suited to a caveman and manners to match---all wrapped up in one big package of you've got to be kidding me.

Besides, Ali has responsibilities as mama bear to his den of shifters and that's where he needs to be. For Kalo, being rejected by his spirit mate won't be life-threatening. But there's something about Ali that intrigues him and touches his soul. He's ready to offer his already-engaged heart with no strings attached, for a chance to change Ali's mind.

Reviews: Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

What do you do when your fated mate is three hundred and sixty degrees different from what you thought he'd be? Does that mean Fate is wrong? Or are you? Seeing as how I loved the first installment in this slightly wacky series by K-lee Klein, I was really looking forward to jumping into Ali's story.

Ali was pretty shocked and, frankly, flabbergasted when Nicu's cousin Kalo shows up on his doorstep and, lo and behold, Kalo is Ali's spirit mate. Except that Kalo is not what Ali thought of when he dreamed of his mate. Kalo is big and coarse, with multiple piercings and tattoos. He has crazy, wild hair, dresses all in black, and is some type of unusual wolf shifter. So, in typical fashion for this family of misfits, Ali "accidentally" turns Kalo into a swine, twice. *snorts* I really love this crowd.

Wow. There's quite a turn of events that crops up and I can't talk about it because it's a huge spoiler. All I can say is that Kalo isn't who he appears to be, and there's a lot of family conflict that arises. Kalo is holding a pretty big secret that when it gets out, might just ruin his chance at a loving spirit mate connection with Ali. And, believe me when I say, Ali is not happy when everything is revealed. Of course, in my opinion, some of that is because Ali loves being Mama Bear in the family and taking care of everyone, so the appearance of his mate changes the dynamics and Ali isn't so sure he wants them to change. Oh my. Two stubborn, stubborn men, both wanting to get their own way. But not just stubbornness is involved here, there's also a healthy amount of fear. Fear of the unknown, and fear of letting go and accepting.

Ali turned out to be different from the man I thought he'd be based on what I'd seen of him during Lucius and Nicu's story. It took some serious talking to before Ali realized how selfish he was being about the whole mate thing with Kalo. Plus, I believe Ali has been taking the whole Mama Bear act a little too far, and, instead, behaves like an old mother hen which is sad for a guy who is almost thirty. Kalo is a good man, honorable and loyal, who wants to love his mate and care for him. Ali is too afraid to open up his heart and instead uses a lot of excuses to hold Kalo at bay. Kalo is very sweet and seems to have limitless amounts of patience and understanding, not just for Ali but for some family members, too.

I so enjoyed watching Ali and Kalo do their back and forth dance of love. It kept me on the edge of my seat and more than a few times, crossing my fingers and hoping. Even though I wasn't sure that Kalo was up to the challenge of Ali, him being such a snarky brat so often, by the end I knew the fates had chosen well, and that Ali would be kept on his toes and constantly challenged. Now I'm just eagerly anticipating the next installment and dying to know whom it will feature.

Tracey on GoodReads wrote:

After reading Lucius Bite, I had already fallen in love with many of the odd yet wonderful characters so was looking forward to reading more in this Second book!

Ali's Intuition, continued where the first book left us which made me very happy, all the same character's with their quirkiness were included with a couple of extra thrown in! I had really enjoyed Ali's character in the first book so was thrilled this book was about him meeting his Fated Mate. Ali is the mother figure in a house full of troubled young men and takes his responsibility very seriously! He has such a air about him that I imagine him as perfection in looks, dress and mind. When he finally meets his mate, a goth looking rock god it's hardly surprising that he totally rejects him. There is so many twists and turns to this story that my emotions were on high alert and my mind running wild!
K-lee Klein's imagination is amazing, she has the ability to write any genre and make it a 5 star read! I have enjoyed every book I've read of hers so far and have been hooked to each one!

I only hope this series has many more books to come as I can not wait to find out what happens to the rest of this unconventional family!

Highly Recommended!!!

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